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My name is Rukshan, a wonderer, blogger, occasional coder and a health informatics guy.

I’m Rukshan Ranatunge, currently following my Master’s of Science degree in the field of Biomedical Informatics. I’m interested in digital health systems and achieving interoperability between digital health systems.

This is the place where I write about my musings in my everyday life, tutorials, adventures and misadventures, hot takes and everything in between. If you find my writing helpful, please leave a comment.

Latest musings

  • Designing is easy, implementation is hard

    Sri Lanka is facing a never before seen fuel crisis due to the nation’s foreign exchange crisis. While scrolling through my Twitter feed, I came across a tweet from someone suggesting why no one is creating a database to track fuel distribution, accoring by doing that fuel can be distributed equally among everyone, and prevent […]

  • Cryptocurrencies have broken almost all of their major promises

    The crypto market has not been kind to “investors” lately. The market has been near free-fall, and within the first quarter of the year, we’ve seen so many things going south about cryptocurrencies, and it seems almost all the promises that BitCoin and cryptocurrencies promised were a lie. So what are these promises that cryptocurrencies have failed […]

  • I’m Switching from VS Code to VS Codium

    VS Code has been my primary text editor/ IDE for several years. “Brackets” was my initial IDE for web development, then I moved to “Atom” and ended up with VS Code. Don’t get me wrong, VS Code is a good editor. It has improved since its initial release. But starting this month, I’m switching from […]

  • Why do Javascript frameworks get increasingly difficult over time?

    There are so many JavaScript frameworks, and new frameworks come out every few months. I know some people hate to see new frameworks coming up in JavaScript because there are so many, and some insist on using vanilla JavaScript. These javascript frameworks are here to make life easy for developers. Make them more productive, and […]

  • Re: Why we stopped making Einsteins? No we did not.

    Recently I came across a post, called “Why we stopped making Einsteins“. The main argument is that we are not producing “geniuses” as we used to and it’s the fault of the current education system. It’s a very interesting post and I suggest everyone go read it. However, the thing I can’t agree with is that we […]

  • Web 3 Tutorial – How to upload and serve files in IPFS network using NodeJs

    Web3 is fascinating and uncharted territory. Recently, I decided to learn a few things about Web3 technologies. Even though I had some basic ideas about the blockchain and NFTs, I’ve never tried writing a program for Web3. So I decided to learn about Web3 technology and write a simple program that can upload files to […]

  • My thoughts on the PayHere data breach

    Yesterday a tweet by Duminda, a fellow developer on Twitter, caught my eye. In that tweet he said that he has been warned by Have I Been Pwned about a data breach at PayHere, an online payment processor in Sri Lanka. PayHere may well be one the largest and most significant data breach to occur in Sri Lanka, […]

  • Reddit can’t build a better search engine

    Every week or twice a week, you will come across a post on HackerNews that Google is dying or Google is awful. There are some valid points to some of their arguments. However, I don’t see Google going anywhere anytime soon. Yesterday, I came across a post titled, ‘Google search is Dying‘ and the argument […]

  • Ideas that have been beaten to death

    Recently I was browsing Product Hunt and I was aimlessly scrolling down to see if there are any interesting ideas. I was seeing one recurring idea, popping up once in every few weeks. This is the same idea that I see popping up on HackerNews, ProductHunt, IndieHackers every single week. What is this idea? Another […]

  • Every organization needs a CTO

    Recently I was shown a product marketing itself as providing geological data layer for apps. A sketchy product at a glance and maybe scammy in the worst case. The developer is unable to provide direct answers and finding it difficult to provide details on how the product really works. They may/may not have developed some […]

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National Covid Health Information System

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