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My name is Rukshan, a wonderer, blogger, occasional coder and a health informatics guy.

I’m Rukshan Ranatunge, currently following my Master’s of Science degree in the field of Biomedical Informatics. I’m interested in digital health systems and achieving interoperability between digital health systems.

This is the place where I write about my musings in my everyday life, tutorials, adventures and misadventures, hot takes and everything in between. If you find my writing helpful, please leave a comment.

Latest musings

  • I do development for one week and marketing and documentation for one week

    I know the advice is to find a co-founder. But what if you can’t find a co-founder? Yes, having a co-founder is great. But there are companies that are founded by solo-founders who went on to become billion or million dollar companies. But what if you are just getting started, you are working on a…

  • Facebook is combining Messenger and Instagram messaging

    Today I received this popup notifying me that soon people using Instagram will be able to find and message me on Facebook. It appears that your Messenger inbox will be a universal inbox where you can reply to both instagram messages and messenger messengers. This is not the first time Facebook is doing this either,…

  • How to host your NuxtJS in 10 steps

    I first started using NuxtJS one year ago, when I tried to make a platform for travellers to easily find and book villas online. But unlike other popular booking services, I was targeting villas that did not have an online presence or haven’t signup or don’t know how to use an online booking service. I…

  • Don’t allow VSCode to auto fetch from repos

    Recently I had a very annoying experience using VSCode. I use git to track changes of my work, and I push important changes to my GitHub repo. During the past 1 month I was hacking a small side project during my free time. Since I’m the only one working on the project I’m the only…

  • They launched a website to register covid vaccinations, but it only lasted one week

    When it comes to IT in this country we are not having a great year, especially when it comes to IT involving health and security. Last November, within days after launching a covid tracker by the government, several people were able to find vulnerabilities, and I was able to completely own the system. Last week…

  • Always try to be a monopoly

    Roughly three years ago we started TreeTalks, it was a very simple idea, we deliver cacti, succulents and indoor plants to people who ordered them online. Our main target group was people and companies who wanted to have a cacti, or an indoor plants. People who are working in offices loved to have an indoor…

  • Hackers briefly took over the Google.lk domain

    Today hackers were able to briefly take over the Google.lk domain, the Google’s search engine page for Sri Lanka and redirect it to bring awareness to an ongoing crisis in Sri Lanka. To be clear the hackers did not took over the Google.lk domain by hacking Google servers, but the hackers were able to somehow…

  • Would you pay me if I built a web browser?

    Google recently announced their Q4 results, and it seems almost everyone is having a great Q4 from Facebook, to Amazon to Google. I know most of us hate ads, but it’s this ad money that powers Googles free services, including Gmail and their popular browser Google Chrome. Like many I have mixed feelings about Chrome,…

  • Why Google needs to build an open chat client like Element

    Google recently blocked the Matrix based chat app Element from the Play Store sighting sexual content on the platform. It’s really hard to define the explanation because WhatsApp, Telegram users of other chat clients also share the same content. Telegram is also known to host groups sharing pirated content as well. This post is not…

  • Suggest me a password

    Recently this post making rounds on some of the dev community groups which I’m a part of on Facebook. These are the rules of a banking website when we are to create a new account or change our passwords. And this is the most weirdest set of password rules that I have ever seen, and…

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National Covid Health Information System

I helped in development and implementation of the National Covid Health Information System

FHIR Implementation

I’m currently engaged in implementing FHIR standards for the Ministry of Health Sri Lanka and achieve interoperability in healthcare.

Sri Lankan Open Data Portal for Health

I’m currently designing and developing the Open Data Portal for Health In Sri Lanka as part of my Master’s thesis.