Are you ashamed to share your email address?

I created my email address when Gmail was still an invitation only platform, and I was 15 at that time. I created a short, somewhat funny, and hard to spell email address by using my initials and how my fiends used to call me at school.

During that time, the email address seemed cool, and I registered to all the websites using that email. Recently when I asked for an email from a friend, he gave me a dorky email address, which he might have registered while he was at school or university. Even thought I never told it to his face, I laughed at myself thinking that he must have registered this email address just like me, when

However, now since I’m doing a job, I feel very embarrassed to share my dorky email I created when I was 15. I don’t want people to make fun of it. And I also feel very unprofessional when I use the email address for my work. I also don’t want to switch to a new email address which is long and difficult to pronounce and easy for anyone to misspell.

I’m sure I’m not the only one who has faced a similar situation, I’m sure there are quite a lot of people who has created dorky email addresses who now feel embarrassed to share with others.

One option I have is to create a separate email account, and forward all the emails to my old email account. Which then I can read though the same inbox.

I also feel like buying a domain name with my name, so I can create an email like [email protected] so it will look cool, and forward all the emails to my regular email address. But then again I have to pay for a domain name which is a small sum but still I’m afraid if I miss renewing the domain name, or someone else use some social engineering or some wired hack to claim my domain name (which has happened to popular domains before, like perl), I will be losing access to all my emails and accounts that I will use to signup from that email.

So I’m guessing what to do, switch to a new email maybe something like, but I don’t know. Has anyone felt ashamed about your old email addresses? What did you do?