Category: Health Informatics

  • Why teaching programming is so difficult?

    Like I said in one of my previous posts, I just started my first semester in my MSc in health informatics. And the first semester has a module for object oriented programming. Some history I was lucky to learn computers since I was 10 years old, even though computers were mostly used in offices and […]

  • How to sort a list of words? The bucket sorting method

    In the last post I said that I just started my MSc in health informs. The first semester has five modules, one of those modules is about object oriented programming. The object oriented programming module starts with introduction to programming, mathematics in programming, flow charts and pseudo codes. When I was going through past papers […]

  • What is health informatics? And what I do for a living

    I recently started this blog to start a new year resolution for 2021, that is to post at least one blog post every week. But I have been writing ever since and blogging has become more of an addiction. Even if I have to painstaking write from by iPad. You might be wondering how I’m […]