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  • Are you ashamed to share your email address?

    I created my email address when Gmail was still an invitation only platform, and I was 15 at that time. I created a short, somewhat funny, and hard to spell email address by using my initials and how my fiends used to call me at school. During that time, the email address seemed cool, and […]

  • 3 Important Lessons I Learnt Working At A Covid-19 ICU

    I’m writing a blog post after a very long time. This is because I was appointed to work at a COVID-19 intensive care unit for 2 months, and I was busy working there. When I started my work in May the COVID-19 cases were on the rise, and there were not enough doctors to take […]

  • Can a company vendor lock patient data?

    When I first started my new blog, I wanted to post at least one post a week. But just like everything else I have not being able to post at least one blog post per week. One reason for this has been I have been assigned to work at an ICU taking care of COVID-19 […]

  • Recycle Bin by Facebook

    Facebook likes to collect as much data as possible, and they will try to retain your data as long as possible. This is why you can’t delete your Facebook or Instagram account for one month. They are slowly opening up WhatsApp so the data you communicate with businesses are available for Facebook. Because at the […]

  • BitClout is a scam, change my mind.

    Clubhouse is like a blackhole for your time, it’s no wonder why everyone in the valley are interested about it. And two things that fills at least 25% of my feed are NFT and BitClout. Full disclaimer, I do not completely understand the concepts behind NFT and BitClout. I’ve not invested my time to look […]

  • The good, the bad and the ugly side of Clubhouse

    Today I complete my first week in clubhouse, the audio only social network, which according to some the hottest startup currently available on the internet, while Facebook, Twitter trying to copy the idea and incorporate it on to their own social networks. Clubhouse even though popular is still invitation only, which also increases its appeal. […]

  • I do development for one week and marketing and documentation for one week

    I know the advice is to find a co-founder. But what if you can’t find a co-founder? Yes, having a co-founder is great. But there are companies that are founded by solo-founders who went on to become billion or million dollar companies. But what if you are just getting started, you are working on a […]

  • Don’t allow VSCode to auto fetch from repos

    Recently I had a very annoying experience using VSCode. I use git to track changes of my work, and I push important changes to my GitHub repo. During the past 1 month I was hacking a small side project during my free time. Since I’m the only one working on the project I’m the only […]

  • They launched a website to register covid vaccinations, but it only lasted one week

    When it comes to IT in this country we are not having a great year, especially when it comes to IT involving health and security. Last November, within days after launching a covid tracker by the government, several people were able to find vulnerabilities, and I was able to completely own the system. Last week […]

  • Do you believe in fail fast and fail quickly?

    The first month of 2021 is a bad month to begin with, I always say to myself that we need to fail fast and fail quickly, but failing is not a pleasant experience. In November we started developing a health information management system (HIMS) for a laboratory service. Which will computerise their already paper based […]