Facebook is combining Messenger and Instagram messaging

Today I received this popup notifying me that soon people using Instagram will be able to find and message me on Facebook.

It appears that your Messenger inbox will be a universal inbox where you can reply to both instagram messages and messenger messengers.

This is not the first time Facebook is doing this either, earlier last year Facebook unified the inboxes for businesses, where all your instagram DMs and messages to your Facebook page will be delivered to one unified inbox where you can reply to clients though one unified inbox.

I really liked this feature on Facebook business, because I didn’t have to install instagram app to message my clients.

If you are wondering what these changes mean, here’s a summery.

But combining Facebook and instagram messages on personal profiles is not the same as combining inboxes for business pages. Here’s why,

We use Facebook more as a private social network. We share content with our friends and relatives, and we only message to friends and relatives on Facebook. However, Instagram is more public oriented social network. That means it’s designed to be public by nature, and content we post on instagram are more for public and we might or might not use it for conversations.

Basically I don’t want random strangers that follow me on Instagram able to send direct messages to my Facebook.

On the other hand, is it a greater plan for Facebook to combine all chat platforms to one? What if in future we will be able to read and reply to WhatsApp conversations though messenger? One unified inbox to chat with everyone in your social sphere.

What do you think? Let me down in the comments.