Tag: Rants

  • BitClout is a scam, change my mind.

    Clubhouse is like a blackhole for your time, it’s no wonder why everyone in the valley are interested about it. And two things that fills at least 25% of my feed are NFT and BitClout. Full disclaimer, I do not completely understand the concepts behind NFT and BitClout. I’ve not invested my time to look […]

  • The good, the bad and the ugly side of Clubhouse

    Today I complete my first week in clubhouse, the audio only social network, which according to some the hottest startup currently available on the internet, while Facebook, Twitter trying to copy the idea and incorporate it on to their own social networks. Clubhouse even though popular is still invitation only, which also increases its appeal. […]

  • Your ego can kill your idea before anything else

    You’re a creator, you have been working on your idea for few months. The MVP is ready, it’s time to launch your product. You tell about it on ProductHunt, HackerNews, Reddit, Facebook etc. Not everyone who sees your product on these platforms are going to be your users. Some may be creators just like you, […]

  • The impossible task of blocking disposable email signups

    When a user signs up for a service most of the time they have to share their email address. When a potential user shares an email address with a service during signup, within that sharing there is benefit for both the user and the service. For the user, they can request a password reset, which […]

  • Weekly update: What I’m built for Tuti this week

    I haven’t been very active on my blog recently, but when I initially started the blog I wanted to post at least one post per week. So I guess I’m still following my new year resolution on writing at least one post a week. The reason I wasn’t able to write anything was due to […]

  • Using your browser’s developer tools to find vulnerabilities

    The breakthrough Again looking at the javascript code, just as what they did with the merchant dashboard, I saw that they are checking the authentication from the frontend using javascript. They store a local storage object with name, id, and email, and upon saving the objects in the local storage, they will redirect you to […]

  • How Uber lost to PickMe in Sri Lanka

    Uber is one of the leaders in ride-sharing in the US and in Europe. However, they are having troubles in expanding to Asian continent. For example Ubers expansion to China failed, and Uber in China was acquired by DiDi. In Sri Lanka the monopoly in ride-sharing is held by PickMe, with Uber at the second […]

  • I do development for one week and marketing and documentation for one week

    I know the advice is to find a co-founder. But what if you can’t find a co-founder? Yes, having a co-founder is great. But there are companies that are founded by solo-founders who went on to become billion or million dollar companies. But what if you are just getting started, you are working on a […]

  • Facebook is combining Messenger and Instagram messaging

    Today I received this popup notifying me that soon people using Instagram will be able to find and message me on Facebook. It appears that your Messenger inbox will be a universal inbox where you can reply to both instagram messages and messenger messengers. This is not the first time Facebook is doing this either, […]

  • Don’t allow VSCode to auto fetch from repos

    Recently I had a very annoying experience using VSCode. I use git to track changes of my work, and I push important changes to my GitHub repo. During the past 1 month I was hacking a small side project during my free time. Since I’m the only one working on the project I’m the only […]