What‘s the use of LinkedIn?

My linked in profile is the first search result that appears if I searched my name. Not my Twitter, Instagram or my blogs. Because those are the places I usually hangout in public, not LinkedIn.

My LinkedIn profile is pretty much deserted, after I have visited every place and there is nothing new for me to see, I login to see what’s there on LinkedIn once a week, not to return for another week.

Why? I really don’t understand what’s the use of LinkedIn.

What is LinkedIn?

I feel LinkedIn is a place where everyone try to portrait a positive fake image of themselves to please their employers, and to be found by recruiters.

However, when you look at their Facebook or Twitter profiles they can be a completely different person than they appears to be on LinkedIn.

Some say that use of Facebook or Instagram make you feel bad about yourself, but for me LinkedIn tends to make me feel bad about me than any other network.

If I look at my feed, I see people congratulating about a promotion, congratulating for an achievement, congratulating for completing an online course etc. All make me feel like I have done nothing in my life.

No, I’m doing fine with my life, I’m exactly where I want to be in life and I’m happy with what I have achieved, not that I just don’t everything on LinkedIn.

Don’t get me wrong I know LinkedIn is a great place to find a new job, companies list their jobs and it’s a great place for people find new carriers. What I don’t like is the fake personas people portrait on LinkedIn.

Anyone else felt the same about LinkedIn?

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  1. I don’t get paid enough to deal with LinkedIn.

    You don’t get paid enough to deal with LinkedIn.

    God Itself doesn’t paid enough to deal with LinkedIn.

  2. Stefanos Avatar

    I have just deleted my profile as I was seeing no use of it.

    This was the third time and will be the last; I don’t plan creating yet another social media profile, because quite frankly that’s exactly what LinkedIn is.

    All they do is promote their own products and services, both LinkedIn Learning and Microsoft, while everyone sharing how “successful” is and so forth.

    But the irony is that I know a few of them in real life and they are in the same position as I, so who are they trying to fool here; themselves or the others?

    I guess they apply the “fake it until you make it” concept.

    Enough is enough you know…

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