Convocation ceremonies are fake

Recently I got to know about the virtual convocation ceremony done by the University of Kelaniya for the graduated students and the backlash that it generated among the students and social media against holding a virtual event instead of a real ceremony at the BMICH.

I’m someone who does not belong to the majority, someone who doesn’t understand the meaning of a convocation ceremony. I never attended my convocation ceremony.

I was the only one who willingly never attended the ceremony. There were two or three students who couldn’t attend it due to sickness.

But I had no issue in getting my job, and now I’m working and I just started my MSc. At the end of the day, I don’t think attending the convocation ceremony carries any value in you getting a job.

I find these convocation ceremonies no different from a play, or a wrestling match. Something staged and unreal and wastes everyone’s time. And I can’t believe most people think of it otherwise.

I don’t know about other convocations, but we never got our degree certificates, instead, we had to go to the university on a later date to collect our degrees.

At least they provide the degree certificates during the ceremony it would add more value, instead of making it nothing more than a staged ceremony.

The most common counter-argument for this is, why people are having weddings, and can’t they just get married by signing the papers. Well, yes that is true, you don’t need to have a wedding and you can get married just by signing the papers.

However, at least you are getting married for real, you sign the papers, and tell your wedding vows. However on that day, do something for real, and you celebrate that with your loved ones, and I don’t see anything wrong with that.

But if you are not getting your degree certificates on the day of convocation then there is no value to that event.

I’m not saying that people who like attending convocations are wrong, there are people who enjoy watching a wrestling match, knowing that it’s not real and it’s no more than entertainment.

But I just can’t understand the backlash of criticizing a university for having an online convocation ceremony, and the value people find in having a convocation ceremony.

If you think otherwise, please let me know in the comments, I’d love to hear your ideas.