Don't buy a .icu domain

Don't buy a .icu domain

The new .icu and .cyou domains targeting the new generation, which is a hip way to say ‘I see you’, or ‘see you’.

These domain names are quite cheap, I was able to get a .icu domain for my new blog for just one US dollar, and with a renewal fee of fewer than ten dollars per year.

Even though it was cheap, I was in for a surprise which I never anticipated.

Oh snap, twitter just flagged my domain

Oh, snap, it seems like Twitter is flagging .icu domains. It is most likely because these cheap domains are a way for spammers, and hackers to quickly buy a new domain name for a cheap price for spamming and phishing, and then discard it after getting flagged by spam detectors.

For some reason, the icu domain was not getting flagged on Facebook.

Now I had to buy a different name because people are instantly turned off by these notifications, even though it was going to a simple blog with no malicious intentions.

I’m going to keep myself away from .icu and .cyou domain in the future to avoid these kinds of unnecessary situations.

I just gave a quick google search, but I was unable to find any result where anyone talked about similar experience with a .icu or a .cyou domains.

Am I the only one who had a similar experience? I’d love to know.