I just installed a content blocker on my iPhone

Recently I saw a Facebook post post where someone has monitored his data usage and found out that he is spending nearly 300mb of data everyday just for the ad content he’s getting on different websites and YouTube.

I don’t know how his browsing behavior, or whether these figures are accurate, however if true a 300mb data is a very large amount of data, that we can spend on something else. Especially if you are living in my part of the world where data is expensive.

So I decided to install an ad-blocker on my iPhone and iPad, (I used uBlock origin on my laptop, but these days I don’t own a laptop, actually I’m waiting for the M1 MacBook Air price to drop).

I’m not going to mention the content blocker that I installed, because I don’t want this post to become an advertisement, but my browsing has had a marked difference, since I installed the content blocker on my iPhone, and iPad.

Websites load faster, and specially I don’t have to sit though all those annoying YouTube ads. And hopefully I’m saving some data in return, even if I don’t save the data, I’m happy with my overall browsing experience.

If you are still not using using a content blocker for your iPhone, I highly recommend you do that, and I’m considering whether to become a paying subscriber of the content blocker I just installed.

But someone who is using Google AdSense on two of my non personal blogs, even tough I’m yet to receive a successful payment from AdSense, I find it hypocritical for anyone to recommend installing content blockers on their devices.

However, I fell that is where we are at the moment. Online advertising has become an annoying thing for the people using the internet. However, when you can’t sell a premium subscription, I can’t think of any other way on how content creators make an income from their creations.

Do you have an idea that can replace the current annoying online advertisement ecosystem?