My lost opportunity to become a millionaire

Recently one of my friends shared a link in one of our groups, it’s a Telegram bot that is supposed to generate Tron tokens, and he needed 10 referrals to withdraw his tokens.

I’ve some friends who are interred in cryptocurrency, mining, trading, trying to make a large amount of money using cryptocurrency. But I feel making a decent amount of money on cryptocurrency is now hard, most of these tokens are scams or they are going to fail in another couple of years, or you have to invest a large amount of money on a stable currency such as Bitcoin to get a large ROI.

My story about bitcoins

It was late 2010 or early 2011, I was a freshman at medical college. I had a 30 minute train ride from where I’m staying to my campus, where I spend my time on reading technology blogs like TechCruch or Mashable, or things I find on Google.

One day, there was an article on a virtual currency called Bitcoin, invented by an anonymous Japanese scientist/mathematician called Satoshi Nakamoto. People can create new bitcoins by mining on their computers, and one Bitcoin was around $20.

Plus unlike today, it was easy to mine bitcoins and you don’t need a gpu farm to mine good enough bitcoins.

Initially I wanted to buy some bitcoins. During that time my whole monthly expenses were around $20, and I was getting money from my parents. Since I’m a freshman at college, and I didn’t have enough money to buy bitcoin.

I also thought that this virtual currency is not a good investing option, and it will implode and even if I invest some money to buy bitcoins, I would end up losing all the money I just invested.

I also loved the idea of mining, I wanted to setup a mining software in one of my university computers, I was planning on installing mining software on every computer and hopefully making a mining network.

But with university work and exams I was unable to set up a mining device, and I forgot the idea about Bitcoins.

Then I heard about Bitcoin when it hit $1,000 per Bitcoin, and then the price of Bitcoin went to $5,000 then to $10,000, up and up, and mining became harder and harder, to a point where you need huge GPU farms to mine a single Bitcoin.

Now it’s difficult to invest, and difficult to mine a singe Bitcoin.

Now in 2020 the price of a Bitcoin is $24,000+, I can invest in bitcoins, but I can’t buy a single Bitcoin like it was 2020. I wish I invested $2000 to buy 100 bitcoins 10 years ago. Today, at the end of 2020 I would have been a happy millionaire.

By then none of my friends knew about Bitcoin, but today when people share about Bitcoin or any other cryptocurrency, it gives me bitter sweet memories about the opportunity I missed.

I guess, you can live your life forward, but you can only understand it looking backwards.