Please don’t spam my blog. SEO myths you need to stop believing

I have several WordPress blogs, related to different topics. Including my personal blog.

Each day I have to moderate several comments on all of my blogs, which are made my people trying to boost their SEO to their websites, most of them are selling fake medications, or fake online offers, or people trying to build back links to rank higher on Google results.

Comment spam

Comment spam is one of the most common ways used by black hat SEOs to build backlinks.

Yes, till 2015 WordPress comments were a good way for people to build back-links. But WordPress added “nofollow” attribute by default to WordPress comments, in order to discourage spammers.

Starting from WordPress 5.3, WordPress added Google’s “ugc”, “nofollow” attribute to the WordPress comments.

UGC means user generated content. This tells Google that the content is generated by the user, and discourages from indexing.

So don’t spam my blog or any other blog with comment spam, it’s not going to improve your Google ranking.

Quora answers

Quora is another service that people spam to improve their Google rankings. Google loves Quora for its content, and quora answers are ranked high on any search result.

However, Quora too adds the “nofollow” attribute to all the links you submit, this means that the links you submit on quora useless to improve your Google ranking is basically useless.

Unless, you can Quora as a funnel for yours to your website, if you check Quora answers, you will see that most answers start answering the question, and end by asking the reader to follow a link to their website. This makes Quora a good referrer, not a good way to improve your Google ranking.


Blogging on medium is a bad idea, (more on that on a different post).

I have seen many people posting something on medium and posting the same content on their personal blog. This is not a good practice, and also can harm your SEO more than it can benefit you. Even if you refer your blog on the Medium post.

This is because Medium has a higher domain authority, and if you look, you will see that the medium posts are always ranked higher than the blog posts even if they are coming from the same author.

Also Google can flag your content as plagiarism, because it’s more likely that Google believes that the content on Medium is original.


People also submit, and sometimes spam Reddit subreddits hoping to increase Google rankings.

But it seems that Reddit also has poor value when it comes to improving your rankings, because they too are user generated content.

HackerNews can considered similar to Reddit, but I have seen my posts getting indexed quickly on Google whenever I submit them to HackerNews, and specially when they reach the front page. So that might have an effect on your ranking.

What’s the best way to rank high on Google?

I guess the best way to rank high on Google is simpler to create good content.

If your content is good enough, then people will link to your content, like I added some references to my blog post.

Those authentic links are always better than the links you build using methods that in turn can harm your rankings on Google.

Plus it’s very annoying for bloggers like me to flag your comments as spam. So please don’t spam my blog.