Weekly update: What I’m built for Tuti this week

I haven’t been very active on my blog recently, but when I initially started the blog I wanted to post at least one post per week. So I guess I’m still following my new year resolution on writing at least one post a week.

The reason I wasn’t able to write anything was due to the fact that I was busy with 2 things.

  • I was busy studying for my 1st semester examination in health informatics
  • Two I was busy working on my side project.

I’m not going to make you bored about my studies, I’m going to write an update on my side project. I was spending more time on this than the time I spent on my studies.

The project is called Tuti, https://tuti.study it’s aimed for students and teachers to improve their teaching and learning.

I’m personally made it for myself and for my friends who are studying with me for their 1st semester examination in health informatics.

Currently you can create annotations with Tuti, it’s like virtual sticky notes. You can link external content as well, for further reading.

I’ve been working on Tuti for nearly a month, this is how you can create an annotation

I’m yet to launch it officially on HN and ProductHunt. I was working on adding flash cards as well, most of time last week was spent on working on adding flash cards.

Currently the flash cards support markdown, which means you can create flash cards in markdown.

But I know markdown is difficult for most of the regular users out there. So I plan on building an easier editor, but for the time being I’m going to release this with markdown editing.

Current flash card editor looks like this,


If you like to check what I’m building please check https://Tuti.study. It’s currently looking for early adopters, and free. I’m still working on a suitable pricing model.