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  • Reddit can’t build a better search engine

    Every week or twice a week, you will come across a post on HackerNews that Google is dying or Google is awful. There are some valid points to some of their arguments. However, I don’t see Google going anywhere anytime soon. Yesterday, I came across a post titled, ‘Google search is Dying‘ and the argument […]

  • Hackers briefly took over the Google.lk domain

    Today hackers were able to briefly take over the Google.lk domain, the Google’s search engine page for Sri Lanka and redirect it to bring awareness to an ongoing crisis in Sri Lanka. To be clear the hackers did not took over the Google.lk domain by hacking Google servers, but the hackers were able to somehow […]

  • Would you pay me if I built a web browser?

    Google recently announced their Q4 results, and it seems almost everyone is having a great Q4 from Facebook, to Amazon to Google. I know most of us hate ads, but it’s this ad money that powers Googles free services, including Gmail and their popular browser Google Chrome. Like many I have mixed feelings about Chrome, […]

  • Why Google needs to build an open chat client like Element

    Google recently blocked the Matrix based chat app Element from the Play Store sighting sexual content on the platform. It’s really hard to define the explanation because WhatsApp, Telegram users of other chat clients also share the same content. Telegram is also known to host groups sharing pirated content as well. This post is not […]

  • The value of targeted advertising

    This post will might be the post that will roast me the most. But before triggering your fingers just by reading the title I would like everyone to read my post, and read my argument before jumping in to conclusions. As developers, techies we all hate ads but… Yes, developers like you and me love […]

  • Everyone should get a personal email address

    Recently I sold my old MacBook Pro, and until I buy myself a new laptop, I had to log in to my gmail account from a windows laptop. So when I tried to login, Google flagged my attempt as an unknown device and wanted me to prove my identity. I thought they would ask for […]

  • Google launches Question Hub to tackle niche and long tail keyword queries

    You are able to find answers to almost all common questions on Google. But there are some areas where Google fails to provide good answers. Personally or me when it comes to looking for an answer for a highly technical question in medicine, Google doesn’t do well in providing good answers. Most of the results […]

  • I just checked Yamu stats, they don’t look good. Is Google killing Yamu?

    Yamu was started out as an idea in a hackathon back in 2011 or 2012 (I can’t remember the exact time), but it’s close to a decade. The original idea was to start something that was close to Uber or PickMe. But when it came out, the site was more like Yelp, reviewing places, specially […]