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  • Your ego can kill your idea before anything else

    You’re a creator, you have been working on your idea for few months. The MVP is ready, it’s time to launch your product. You tell about it on ProductHunt, HackerNews, Reddit, Facebook etc. Not everyone who sees your product on these platforms are going to be your users. Some may be creators just like you, […]

  • First launch review – YaluKids

    I wanted to write something like this for a while, to look at a launch and dissect it and do a SWOT analysis (strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats). Recently I saw a launch of a new service, a social network designed for kids. It was shared by the developer in one Facebook group which I’m […]

  • How Uber lost to PickMe in Sri Lanka

    Uber is one of the leaders in ride-sharing in the US and in Europe. However, they are having troubles in expanding to Asian continent. For example Ubers expansion to China failed, and Uber in China was acquired by DiDi. In Sri Lanka the monopoly in ride-sharing is held by PickMe, with Uber at the second […]

  • I do development for one week and marketing and documentation for one week

    I know the advice is to find a co-founder. But what if you can’t find a co-founder? Yes, having a co-founder is great. But there are companies that are founded by solo-founders who went on to become billion or million dollar companies. But what if you are just getting started, you are working on a […]

  • Always try to be a monopoly

    Roughly three years ago we started TreeTalks, it was a very simple idea, we deliver cacti, succulents and indoor plants to people who ordered them online. Our main target group was people and companies who wanted to have a cacti, or an indoor plants. People who are working in offices loved to have an indoor […]

  • Do you believe in fail fast and fail quickly?

    The first month of 2021 is a bad month to begin with, I always say to myself that we need to fail fast and fail quickly, but failing is not a pleasant experience. In November we started developing a health information management system (HIMS) for a laboratory service. Which will computerise their already paper based […]

  • Too much hustling can kill you

    When you are young, you feel like you’re invincible. You feel as if you’re on a road to wold domination. You work for 18-20 hours a day, as told to you by the hustle culture. You don’t eat healthy food, you don’t exercise, you don’t take a time off, you don’t care about your loved […]

  • Somethings are never meant to be invented. The story of BlockEvent

    Every few years there comes a technology that people get hyped about, everyone wants to be a specialist in that field because it appears to be the next big thing. Between 2015-2019 this was largely about bitcoins and blockchain technology. Everyone wanted to be a specialist in blockchain technology. Bitcoin was booming, ICOs were happening […]