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  • First launch review – YaluKids

    I wanted to write something like this for a while, to look at a launch and dissect it and do a SWOT analysis (strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats). Recently I saw a launch of a new service, a social network designed for kids. It was shared by the developer in one Facebook group which I’m […]

  • Using your browser’s developer tools to find vulnerabilities

    The breakthrough Again looking at the javascript code, just as what they did with the merchant dashboard, I saw that they are checking the authentication from the frontend using javascript. They store a local storage object with name, id, and email, and upon saving the objects in the local storage, they will redirect you to […]

  • They launched a website to register covid vaccinations, but it only lasted one week

    When it comes to IT in this country we are not having a great year, especially when it comes to IT involving health and security. Last November, within days after launching a covid tracker by the government, several people were able to find vulnerabilities, and I was able to completely own the system. Last week […]

  • Always try to be a monopoly

    Roughly three years ago we started TreeTalks, it was a very simple idea, we deliver cacti, succulents and indoor plants to people who ordered them online. Our main target group was people and companies who wanted to have a cacti, or an indoor plants. People who are working in offices loved to have an indoor […]

  • Hackers briefly took over the Google.lk domain

    Today hackers were able to briefly take over the Google.lk domain, the Google’s search engine page for Sri Lanka and redirect it to bring awareness to an ongoing crisis in Sri Lanka. To be clear the hackers did not took over the Google.lk domain by hacking Google servers, but the hackers were able to somehow […]

  • Sri Lanka need unlimited internet connections

    There is a post making rounds on social media about internet charges of Sri Lanka. I don’t know how accurate the post really is, but Sri Lankan telco companies and their ISPs run one of the most shadiest businesses in the country, and it’s doing more harm than good. We don’t have unlimited internet Yes, […]

  • I just checked Yamu stats, they don’t look good. Is Google killing Yamu?

    Yamu was started out as an idea in a hackathon back in 2011 or 2012 (I can’t remember the exact time), but it’s close to a decade. The original idea was to start something that was close to Uber or PickMe. But when it came out, the site was more like Yelp, reviewing places, specially […]

  • The unusual pricing of electronics in Sri Lanka

    I was looking to buy a new laptop and I was doing some shopping online. I was tracking the pricing of the new M1 MacBook air, since two weeks after its release, I found the first M1 MacBooks in Sri Lanka priced at Rs 245,000. Since it was out of my budget, I waited for […]