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  • My thoughts on the PayHere data breach

    Yesterday a tweet by Duminda, a fellow developer on Twitter, caught my eye. In that tweet he said that he has been warned by Have I Been Pwned about a data breach at PayHere, an online payment processor in Sri Lanka. PayHere may well be one the largest and most significant data breach to occur in Sri Lanka, […]

  • Reddit can’t build a better search engine

    Every week or twice a week, you will come across a post on HackerNews that Google is dying or Google is awful. There are some valid points to some of their arguments. However, I don’t see Google going anywhere anytime soon. Yesterday, I came across a post titled, ‘Google search is Dying‘ and the argument […]

  • Every organization needs a CTO

    Recently I was shown a product marketing itself as providing geological data layer for apps. A sketchy product at a glance and maybe scammy in the worst case. The developer is unable to provide direct answers and finding it difficult to provide details on how the product really works. They may/may not have developed some […]

  • Aren’t we all professional Googlers?

    Recently I was recommended a YouTube video titled “How to Google like a senior software engineer”. It was showing some Google dorks to filter out results so you can find the exact solution that you’re looking to solve your problem. While watching the video, I thought to myself, aren’t we all professional Googlers? If we […]

  • When I used to collect computer viruses

    Today I was having a lecture about information security and information security law. I just started the module and this is the third lecture about the topic. And todays lecture was about different IT threats that an health information system would face. The lecture mainly revolved around malware. During the lecture, the teacher told a […]

  • How to setup SCSS on your computer

    SCSS is a CSS pre-processor. By using a pre-processor like SCSS you can easily write simple and elegant CSS. You also have added advantage of variables, arithmetic operations and more. And overall writing sass can be more productive than writing simple CSS. Even though SCSS is similar to css and even though you can write […]

  • Why JavaScript dialogs (alert/prompt/confirm) are not widely used?

    Recently I started working on a small open-source project side project with Vue, and I wanted to create yes/no dialog (basically a model) which will show a notification with a confirm and cancel button. So users can confirm or cancel an event. However, since I don’t want to reuse my code and repeat the same […]

  • Would you pay me if I built a web browser?

    Google recently announced their Q4 results, and it seems almost everyone is having a great Q4 from Facebook, to Amazon to Google. I know most of us hate ads, but it’s this ad money that powers Googles free services, including Gmail and their popular browser Google Chrome. Like many I have mixed feelings about Chrome, […]

  • Who is sending these mysterious 2FA codes?

    I read a recent post titled “That’s not how 2FA works”, it was an interesting read. This is my own experience of seeing some usual 2FA SMS sent to thousands of users, by an unknown entity. Most of my Facebook friends are getting OTP codes from privately owned numbers, saying that it’s their OTP code. […]

  • I sent this email asking my friends to switch to Signal

    Hello 👋  I know you like to use WhatsApp, I use WhatsApp as well. One of the most important things in WhatsApp that differentiates itself from other messaging apps like Viber, Messenger and Telegram is WhatsApp’s privacy. WhatsApp chats are end-to-end encrypted. Which means once you hit the send button on your phone, WhatsApp scrambles […]