Month: December 2020

  • Reddit mods please stop automated blocking

    In a recent post, I talked about a dark practice that Reddit uses to funnel people to install their app. This is also a post criticizing Reddit, but not the people who make and run Reddit, but subreddits and their moderators. It’s increasingly getting difficult to submit anything to a subreddit, only to get a […]

  • Please don’t spam my blog. SEO myths you need to stop believing

    I have several WordPress blogs, related to different topics. Including my personal blog. Each day I have to moderate several comments on all of my blogs, which are made my people trying to boost their SEO to their websites, most of them are selling fake medications, or fake online offers, or people trying to build […]

  • Sri Lanka need unlimited internet connections

    There is a post making rounds on social media about internet charges of Sri Lanka. I don’t know how accurate the post really is, but Sri Lankan telco companies and their ISPs run one of the most shadiest businesses in the country, and it’s doing more harm than good. We don’t have unlimited internet Yes, […]

  • Twitter please don’t ruin my timeline

    Today I logged in to check my Twitter feed. However, today I saw something different, my Twitter feed was not the same. There were tweets from people I don’t know, or from topics I’m not interested in on their feed. Going up and down the feed a couple of times, I figured out what’s difference. […]

  • My lost opportunity to become a millionaire

    Recently one of my friends shared a link in one of our groups, it’s a Telegram bot that is supposed to generate Tron tokens, and he needed 10 referrals to withdraw his tokens. I’ve some friends who are interred in cryptocurrency, mining, trading, trying to make a large amount of money using cryptocurrency. But I […]

  • How to sort a list of words? The bucket sorting method

    In the last post I said that I just started my MSc in health informs. The first semester has five modules, one of those modules is about object oriented programming. The object oriented programming module starts with introduction to programming, mathematics in programming, flow charts and pseudo codes. When I was going through past papers […]

  • What is health informatics? And what I do for a living

    I recently started this blog to start a new year resolution for 2021, that is to post at least one blog post every week. But I have been writing ever since and blogging has become more of an addiction. Even if I have to painstaking write from by iPad. You might be wondering how I’m […]

  • Somethings are never meant to be invented. The story of BlockEvent

    Every few years there comes a technology that people get hyped about, everyone wants to be a specialist in that field because it appears to be the next big thing. Between 2015-2019 this was largely about bitcoins and blockchain technology. Everyone wanted to be a specialist in blockchain technology. Bitcoin was booming, ICOs were happening […]

  • This community is available in the app

    Yesterday’s post was an awesome one, I learned a lot in JavaScript and and I was happy to see people doing what I thought impossible. Writing a simple todo app within 280 chars, in plain js. After I finished writing the post, I wanted to share it on Reddit JavaScript community, r/javascript at the same […]

  • A TO-DO app that fits in a single tweet

    Sunday morning while I was scrolling through my Twitter feed one tweet caught my eye, #JavaScript Challenge: Can you make a TO-DO app within a single Tweet? (280 chars) The app should be able to add tasks, strike-through finished tasks & clear all tasks. Any general-purpose library is allowed.Starting HTML body should be empty except […]