Month: January 2021

  • Why Google needs to build an open chat client like Element

    Google recently blocked the Matrix based chat app Element from the Play Store sighting sexual content on the platform. It’s really hard to define the explanation because WhatsApp, Telegram users of other chat clients also share the same content. Telegram is also known to host groups sharing pirated content as well. This post is not […]

  • Suggest me a password

    Recently this post making rounds on some of the dev community groups which I’m a part of on Facebook. These are the rules of a banking website when we are to create a new account or change our passwords. And this is the most weirdest set of password rules that I have ever seen, and […]

  • Run GraphQL server with Express in NuxtJS

    Since I use Vue for almost all of my projects, if I’m making an application that requires routing and server side rendering (for SEO), I use NuxtJS. NuxtJS is a framework where you can create a server side rendering app using VueJs. One of the things people struggle with NuxtJS is how to use an […]

  • The value of targeted advertising

    This post will might be the post that will roast me the most. But before triggering your fingers just by reading the title I would like everyone to read my post, and read my argument before jumping in to conclusions. As developers, techies we all hate ads but… Yes, developers like you and me love […]

  • Do you believe in fail fast and fail quickly?

    The first month of 2021 is a bad month to begin with, I always say to myself that we need to fail fast and fail quickly, but failing is not a pleasant experience. In November we started developing a health information management system (HIMS) for a laboratory service. Which will computerise their already paper based […]

  • Why I switched to WordPress

    Recently I read a post which said that the White House official website will be now powered by WordPress. I was playing with a static site generator called Hexo, I even created my own theme for it, before I switched to WordPress. Static site generators are hard Yes, playing with a static site generator is […]

  • Have you ever tried blocking WhatsApp from your router?

    In a previous post I wrote that I live in a part of the world that does not provide unlimited internet. This means data is valuable, and if I run out of data, I have to pay a premium amount to activate a data add-on which can be quite expensive. There is one router at […]

  • Who is sending these mysterious 2FA codes?

    I read a recent post titled “That’s not how 2FA works”, it was an interesting read. This is my own experience of seeing some usual 2FA SMS sent to thousands of users, by an unknown entity. Most of my Facebook friends are getting OTP codes from privately owned numbers, saying that it’s their OTP code. […]

  • Too much hustling can kill you

    When you are young, you feel like you’re invincible. You feel as if you’re on a road to wold domination. You work for 18-20 hours a day, as told to you by the hustle culture. You don’t eat healthy food, you don’t exercise, you don’t take a time off, you don’t care about your loved […]

  • What‘s the use of LinkedIn?

    My linked in profile is the first search result that appears if I searched my name. Not my Twitter, Instagram or my blogs. Because those are the places I usually hangout in public, not LinkedIn. My LinkedIn profile is pretty much deserted, after I have visited every place and there is nothing new for me […]